Sr.NoResearch ArticleAuthorPDF
1Microbial degradation of poultry feather biomass by Klebsiella sp. BTSUK isolated from poultry waste disposal site.

Ranjit G Gurav*, Dhanashri B Mirajkar, Akanksha V Savardekar, Snehal M PisalDownload
2Use of deproteinized juice of different vegetable leaves for the growth and cell biomass, single cell protein and alcohol production
Dr.K. G. Deshpande*, C. S. Dolas and Janjal P. He Download
3Studies on mosquitocidal activity of metabolite from pseudomonas species

Pranjali P. Mahamuni, Reshma S. Shete and Hemlata V. Sonawane*
4Bioremediation study of Dairy effluent by using Spirulina Platensis Dr.Satish D. Kulkarni* Tejashri Auti and Satish SarafDownload
5Production, purification, identification of prodigiosin from serratia sp. and its antimicrobial activityTejasvini S. Pore, Ashwini B. Khanolkar, Dr.Naiem H. Nadaf*Download
6A Review of Leaf Protein Concentration is Innovative Source of Protein Designed for Human Healthiness and NourishmentDr. B. M. RathoreDownload