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1Inorganic constituents of two Bolbitis fern species from South Western Ghats Dr.M.V.Kale Download
2Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Cyathea Gigantea Ferns from South Western Ghats

Dr.M.V.Kale Download
3Production of single cell oil from microalgae grown in wastewater and conversion of the same to biodiesel
Dr. Anil Ranveer Download
4Effect of acetone and alcohol extracts of seeds of coriandrum sativum on glutathione content of ccl4 induced sheep liver in vitro
Dr.D.S.Kumbhar Download
5Detection of seed borne mycoflora from different categories of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) L.Dr.P.M ChouguleDownload
6Diversity and Distribution of genus Cheilanthes from Northern Western Ghats of India

Ghorpade P.N Download
7Isolation and frequency distribution of Endophytic fungi inhabiting
Justicia adhatoda L.
Yogesh AndojiDownload
8Microbial analysis of surface water of the Krishna River in SangliDr.Padmaja ChouguleDownload