Research Article

1Isolation of Azotobacter spp from saline soil and its applications on whea(Tritium aestivum) plant for future use in reclamation of saline soil with wheat plant. R. B. Nawadkar Download
2Studies on native isolate of Bacillus thuringiensis against Diamond Backmoth(Plutella xylostella) on Cabbage K. A. Pagare Download
3Biochemical Assessment of Nutraceutical from Verbena Bipinnatifida Dr.P.B. Dandge Download
4Phytochemical Analysis of Four Cheilanthes Species from Northern Western Ghats of India Pradnya N. Ghorpade Download
5Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria from laboratory developed activated sludge used in the treatment of food industry effluent. Deepak B. Jadhav Dowload
6GC-MS analysis of phytocomponents on whole plant extracts Adiantum capillus-veneris L. - A potential folklore medicinal plant Dr.Manisha V Kale Download
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Three Bolbitis Species
Dr.Manisha V Kale Download